How AI Video Creation is Transforming Learning for Youth, Disadvantaged Groups, and Seniors

Explore how artificial intelligence in video creation is pioneering educational methods for the youth, disadvantaged individuals, and seniors, fostering an inclusive learning environment for all.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in various sectors, notably in education and learning. AI’s integration into video creation is opening new avenues for teaching and mentoring diverse groups such as youth, disadvantaged communities, and seniors. This feature delves into the advancements and applications of AI in video creation that are poised to reshape educational experiences, making learning more accessible and engaging.

Generative AI for Video Content

The power of generative AI in crafting video content from simple text descriptions is a game-changer. Innovations by companies like Runway ML exemplify this trend, where educators can input a narrative like “A spaceship blasts off from a lush alien planet,” and receive a detailed video clip. Such tools, though still under development, promise significant implications for educational storytelling and concept visualization.

  • Enhanced Creative Expression: Allows teachers to produce visually engaging content that can captivate and educate simultaneously.
  • Simplified Concept Illustration: Transforms complex ideas into understandable visuals, making learning more accessible for all age groups.

AI-powered Editing Assistants

Editing software embedded with AI capabilities is revolutionizing post-production by automating tedious tasks. Tools offered by Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve analyze footage and suggest edits, significantly reducing the workload on human editors and allowing more focus on creative aspects of video education.

  • Efficiency and Time Savings: AI automates scene detection, shot suggestions, and color correction, speeding up the editing process.
  • Accessibility: Makes the editing process less daunting for beginners and those with limited technical skills.

Emotionally Intelligent Music Composition

The integration of AI in music composition for videos introduces a layer of emotional intelligence previously unattainable at scale. Platforms like Amper Music analyze the visual content to generate matching music, enhancing the emotional resonance of educational videos.

  • Mood Enhancement: AI-composed music can elevate the learning experience by aligning the soundtrack with the content’s emotional tone.
  • Dynamic Adaptation: Offers real-time music adaptation to the video scenes, enriching the educational impact.

User-Friendly AI Video Tools

Emerging tools like InVideo and Pictory are democratizing video creation, enabling users without deep technical knowledge to produce quality educational content. These platforms provide features like AI-driven scene trimming and smart transitions, which are particularly beneficial for novice users aiming to create impactful educational materials.

  • InVideo: Offers an intuitive, AI-powered online video editor that simplifies video creation.
  • Pictory: Allows creation of social media-friendly videos with AI-generated elements such as intros and outros.

Empowering Education through AI Video Creation

The integration of AI into video creation holds profound potential for enhancing educational methods, particularly for the youth, disadvantaged groups, and seniors. By simplifying the creation and editing of educational videos, AI technology not only makes learning materials more engaging but also more accessible to educators and learners across different backgrounds.

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation recognizes the transformative impact of these technologies and is committed to providing resources and educational opportunities through AI video creation. Their initiatives aim to elevate the educational experience one day at a time, ensuring that every individual, regardless of age or background, has the opportunity to learn and grow in an increasingly digital world.

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AI Video Creation

Join Forces with Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation to Foster Digital Literacy and Employment Opportunities

In an era where digital literacy is not just a skill but a necessity, Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. (LEMF) stands as a pioneering beacon, dedicated to nurturing communities through the transformative power of digital media. With a rich history since 2009, LEMF has been at the forefront of empowering the youth and seniors, ensuring that digital tools and knowledge are accessible to all, especially within Equity Focus Communities.

Key Highlights:

  • Empowering Digital Literacy: LEMF is committed to bridging the digital divide, offering comprehensive programs in tech advancement, digital media, and beyond.
  • Supporting Displaced Professionals: In the wake of challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, LEMF provides crucial opportunities for journalists, writers, and editors, fostering a nurturing environment for their talents.
  • Nurturing the Next Generation: Through initiatives like DigiLife Indie Youth, LEMF equips low-income youth with skills in digital storytelling, editing, and publishing.

How You Can Help:

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation is calling on visionaries, philanthropists, and volunteers to join our mission. Your support can make a significant difference in two critical areas:

  • Educational Programs: Assist in expanding our reach, providing more resources and tools for both youth and seniors to thrive in the digital era.
  • Employment Opportunities: Contribute to creating more positions for talented individuals in the fields of writing, digital content creation, and media publication.

About Our Digital Magazines:

LEMF’s array of digital lifestyle magazines, including The Power Player Lifestyle, Fab Five Lifestyle Magazine, Goddess Couture News, and WEDGEIN Magazine, are platforms where innovation meets inspiration. These publications not only highlight global trends and insights but also celebrate the stories of remarkable individuals shaping our world.

Join Us:

Become part of a movement where technology meets humanity. Together, we can empower minds, elevate spirits, and build a brighter, more inclusive future. For more information and to get involved, visit our websites and reach out to our editorial teams.

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Dive into the world of impactful, positive news and get acquainted with our distinguished digital magazine brands. Each platform is a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment, meticulously curated to enrich your digital media experience. Explore our array of digital lifestyle magazines and become part of a community that values truth, innovation, and positive change.

The Power Player Lifestyle: Delving into entertainment, technology, food, travel, and world news, this magazine is tailored for mainstream America. Engage with stories that inspire and inform. Visit

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Goddess Couture News: Focusing on health & wellness, business education, and style, this resource is a guide for Black Women, Afro-Asian, and Afro-Latina communities. Embark on a journey of self-care and empowerment at, or contact us at

WEDGEIN Magazine: An affluent business lifestyle magazine designed for Black Americans, offering insights into business, lifestyle, and more. Join the conversation and expand your horizons by visiting

Explore, engage, and be enlightened with Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation’s digital magazine brands, where every story is a step towards a more informed, vibrant, and empowered world.

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The AI Revolution in Teen Education: Shaping the Future of Learning

In an era where technology continuously reshapes our world, artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of this transformation, particularly in the realm of education. Teenagers in high school and college are uniquely positioned to reap the benefits of AI, as it offers tailored learning experiences and prepares them for a future intertwined with technology. This article delves into the innovative ways AI is being integrated into teenage education and the new challenges it brings.

Personalized Learning Experiences

AI’s most significant impact on education lies in its ability to customize learning. Traditional one-size-fits-all teaching methods are giving way to AI-driven personalized learning platforms. These systems assess individual student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning speeds, and preferences, offering tailored content and pacing.

  • Adaptive Learning Platforms: AI systems like Carnegie Learning and Knewton provide resources that adapt in real-time to the learner’s performance, offering a highly personalized educational experience.
  • Virtual Tutors and Assistants: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are becoming more prevalent, offering students 24/7 assistance with homework and revision, making learning more accessible.

    Enhancing Collaborative Learning

AI tools are not just about solo learning; they’re also enhancing group interactions and collaborations. Platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams are being integrated with AI to facilitate smoother collaboration among students, making group projects more efficient and effective.

Data-Driven Insights for Educators

AI doesn’t only empower students; it also transforms the role of educators. Through detailed data analytics, teachers can gain insights into each student’s progress, allowing for more informed decision-making and tailored teaching approaches.

Challenges and Considerations

While the benefits are plentiful, the integration of AI in education also presents new challenges:

  • Digital Divide: There’s a risk that the digital divide could widen, with students in under-resourced areas having limited access to AI tools, potentially exacerbating educational inequalities.
  • Data Privacy and Security: The increased use of AI tools raises concerns about
  • Data privacy and security. Ensuring that student data is protected is paramount.
    Critical Thinking and Human Interaction: Relying heavily on AI for education could impact students’ development of critical thinking skills and reduce face-to-face interactions with teachers and peers.

Preparing for an AI-Driven Future

As AI becomes more entrenched in our daily lives, it’s crucial that teenagers are prepared to navigate this new landscape. Education systems must evolve to not only leverage AI for learning but also to educate students about AI itself.

  • AI Literacy: Introducing courses on AI and machine learning can demystify these technologies for students, providing them with a foundational understanding of how AI works and its societal implications.
  • Ethical Considerations of AI: Educating students about the ethical considerations surrounding AI, including bias and decision-making, is essential for developing responsible future technologists.

Social Media Intelligence

An intriguing aspect of AI in education is its application in understanding and leveraging social media. Teenagers, being avid users of social media, can benefit from AI tools that analyze trends, detect misinformation, and foster digital literacy.

  • Misinformation Detection: AI algorithms can help students identify unreliable information on social media, promoting critical thinking and responsible content consumption.
  • Trend Analysis: AI tools can analyze social media trends, offering insights into public opinion and societal issues, which can enrich students’ learning and research projects.

The integration of artificial intelligence into the education of teenagers is not just a trend; it’s a paradigm shift that promises to redefine the learning landscape. While challenges exist, the potential benefits of personalized learning, enhanced collaboration, and preparedness for an AI-driven future are immense. As we navigate this new frontier, it’s crucial that we do so with a balanced approach, embracing the opportunities AI offers while being mindful of the challenges it presents. For teenagers stepping into this brave new world, the future is not just about learning with AI; it’s about learning to live with AI.

youth in ai 2024


Artificial technology report by Lela Christine


Empowering Los Angeles Teens with Technology Education

In the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, where the pulse of technology beats incessantly, teenagers find themselves at the intersection of innovation and opportunity. As digital natives, they are immersed in a world where technology shapes their daily interactions, influences their career aspirations, and molds their understanding of the future. In this ever-evolving landscape, it’s imperative for teens to grasp the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) to navigate the complexities of the digital frontier. Here’s a glimpse into why AI education is crucial for Los Angeles teens and how Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation is poised to empower them for the future:

The Importance of AI Education for Los Angeles Teens:

  • Career Opportunities: With Los Angeles being a hub for tech companies and startups, proficiency in AI opens doors to a myriad of career opportunities in fields such as software development, data analysis, and machine learning engineering.
  • Digital Literacy: Understanding AI equips teens with the necessary digital literacy skills to critically evaluate and responsibly utilize AI-powered tools and platforms in their personal and professional lives.
  • Global Competitiveness: In an increasingly interconnected world, proficiency in AI enhances teens’ competitiveness on a global scale, preparing them for the demands of a rapidly evolving job market.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: AI education fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for addressing real-world challenges and driving innovation across various industries.

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation: Empowering Teens for the Future:

  • Comprehensive AI Curriculum: Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation offers a comprehensive AI curriculum tailored to the needs and interests of Los Angeles teens. Through interactive workshops, online resources, and hands-on projects, teens gain a deep understanding of AI concepts and applications.
  • Mentorship Programs: The foundation connects teens with industry professionals and mentors who provide guidance, support, and real-world insights into the diverse career pathways in AI and technology.
  • Community Engagement: Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation fosters a vibrant community of aspiring technologists, providing teens with opportunities to collaborate, share ideas, and embark on collaborative projects that leverage AI for social good.
  • Access to Resources: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the foundation ensures that all teens, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have access to cutting-edge resources, including AI software tools, educational materials, and scholarships.
  • Future-Ready Initiatives: Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation equips teens with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an AI-driven future. By staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies, the foundation continuously adapts its programs to meet the evolving needs of Los Angeles teens.


As Los Angeles teenagers navigate the complexities of the digital age, proficiency in artificial intelligence emerges as a critical asset for unlocking their full potential. Through initiatives like Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, teens are empowered with the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to thrive in an AI-driven world. By embracing AI education, teens not only secure promising career prospects but also become active contributors to innovation, progress, and positive change in their communities and beyond. With the right support and guidance, the future of Los Angeles teens shines bright as they embark on a journey of lifelong learning and technological empowerment.


Report from Lela Christine

Elevating Small Business Brand Advocacy in the New World of Tech, Entertainment, Art, and the Business Sectors in LA

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. (LEMF), formerly known as Lifestyle Elevation Media Group, rebranded its digital media conglomerate in 2021 to move forward as a social media enterprise. This strategy has elevated the organization’s online media brands that have attracted thousands of new followers who visit the organization’s four pop culture digital magazines daily.

The philanthropic arm of LEMF is led by Executive Director Lela Christine, who strategically focused on small business brand advocacy in the first quarter of 2022 by producing two major fundraising events:

The February Super Bowl LVI “Best Luxury Pop-Up Shop” curated at the MaTtE ArGyLe boutique at Runway Playa Vista helped small brands sell their products in the Covid-19 pandemic era, and politicians — including Mayor of Inglewood James Butts — former NFL football players, coaches, celebrities, musicians, artists, and fans came out to support the cause and shop new brands to increase small business advocacy and awareness.

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation

The second event in April was a signature, eco-chic, sustainability-focused curated pop-up shop event at Soho Works LA that placed the spotlight on local Angelino artisan brands whose fashion apparel, beauty, art, health, and wellness products are environmentally friendly, safe, and organic. A plethora of leaders, CEOs and business advocates came to join in support and shop.

In September 2022 LEMF launched a new podcast series called “Elevate Your Life Power Player Pod Talks,” now available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The hosts of the show, Moshe Lewis and Lela Christine, are continually grateful for all the guests who have dropped in live to share their stories of how they evolved to lead in their given craft and service to the communities of Los Angeles and the world. “Elevate Your Life Power Player Pod Talks” is a video and audio extension of LEMF’s first magazine, The Power Player Lifestyle, which launched in December 2009.

APPLE PODCAST Listen live as you drive or walk:


LEMF’s core component in 2023 is to build and launch a digital tech lab center for our youth ages 11-16 teaching the new generation how to create, design, publish, and launch their own blog and magazine sites. The aim is to help them become the young reporters of today who are the positive change our youth need to see in the world of news media. Social media has led both positive and negative news. LEMF aims to be a leader of positive-impact media that elevates people of all cultures and religions.


TJ Lela Mosche Pod Talks

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation’s quote: We advocate for people, brand creators, and visionaries daily. Learn more about us by visiting

We are a pro-people organization for positive change for all. For partnerships, donation and media inquiries email LEMF team at

Stay Socially Connected with LEMF:




Supporting L.A. Business Brands and Community Workspace Creatives to Thrive in a Sustainable Environment

In the spirit of this year’s forthcoming Earth Day celebration in April, the Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. production team hosted a signature, luxury, eco-chic, sustainability pop-up shop curated event at Soho Works L.A. that placed the spotlight on local Angelino artisan brands whose fashion apparel, beauty, art, health, and wellness products are environmentally friendly, safe, and organic.

With the success of the recent Runway Playa Vista-curated Pre-Super Bowl NFL Pop-Up Shop store experience hosted a few days before the big game day in Los Angeles, the executive production team leaders at LEMF deem it essential to place the focal point on key “Earth Day” initiatives and share them with everyone so that we can better invest in our planet.

The Soho Works L.A. events management team is an advocate for hosting sustainability events that matter. According to, there are 52 ways to invest in our planet daily.

Autumn WhiteWealth 'n Hellness Moss Gallery


tanishia harris


Lela Christine with Kathy Hola and Jessica

The best news about Soho Works is that they created a global community of workspaces designed to help creative thinkers and businesses come together. The Los Angeles Soho Works opened its door back in July of 2020. Located on Sunset Boulevard, Soho Works offers lounge, desk, and office options. On-site amenities include private phone booths, meeting rooms, podcast equipment, video conferencing, printers, lockable storage, a members’ kitchen, and other breakout spaces and tech platforms. To join the Soho Works lifestyle and learn more about becoming a member, click here.

The signature artisan brands that participated in this THE LUX LIFE, ECO-CHIC, SUNSET POP-UP SHOP experience are NATURADE (VeganSmart), Wealth ‘n Hellness Moss Gallery, Blessed from the Roots, Dawn of The Earth, XIVI Apparel, Knotwtr, Sweet Rock Rose | HNG Essentials, Positive Wear, AyoMi Inc., Amara Wellness, Dulce Vida Tequila, and a select group of Soho Work brand partners.

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. was truly excited to promote and align with Soho Works L.A. to share the good news and reveal the gift of something new this spring season with the brands presenting the best of what they offer at our event hosted on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

Connect and support our partners. FLOW with each partner live at our event signature FLOWPAGE.


Kareem Cook CEO Naturade




Sepi Dawn of The Earth


Dulce vida team soho WORKS

You can connect to the world of Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. and learn more about us by visiting Our Earth quote for April 2022 comes from Lady Bird Johnson, who said, “The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”

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The Power of Promoting Small Business Brand Creators In L.A. During Super Bowl LVI Weekend

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation Initiates Artisan Brand Leadership

LOS ANGELES, CA. – February 17, 2022 – Executive Director of Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. (LEMF), Lela Christine, announced today that LEMF scored a productive, successful week of festivities leading up to and surrounding the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles. LEMF is a non-profit that facilitates education and work program initiatives in technological tools and platforms within the tech, health, fashion, art, and entertainment business sectors.

The foundation hosted “The Best Lifestyle Luxury Pop-Up Shop” for the purpose of helping small brands sell their products. The two-day event was co-hosted by Tashiba Jones-Wilson, who opened the doors of her MaTtE ArGyLe boutique in Playa Vista to help curate the small business lifestyle event that aided local brands. Lela Christine and Jones-Wilson are fellow Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising alums whose shared mission is to provide a platform for brand creators to succeed and excel as entrepreneurs in the COVID-19 pandemic era. Partners who supported the signature pop-up included Naturade, who hosted the health and wellness juice and smoothie bar, and Runway Playa Vista’s lead executive Heidy Giron, who hosted the Hopdoddy Food Bar and online venue promotions.

For more than a decade, Lela Christine has been instrumental in producing curated Southern California lifestyle events in categories that include fashion, beauty, sports activations, and pop-up stores. In 2009, she launched a plethora of online lifestyle publications to support fellow publicists, brand executives, and small businesses by featuring and promoting them in several of the online magazines under the LEMF brand.

In the fall of 2021, LEMF received the good news that they were approved to lead as a 501(c)(3) foundation and support people in the world of small business and journalism. Lela Christine hired journalists and photographers to cover the two-day series of pop-up shop events during the largest NFL event of the season, as Super Bowl LVI was expected to generate well over $500 million for Los Angeles County’s economy.

Lela Christine shares: “I thought it was essential to host a philanthropic event helping to support artisan brands and people…Our mission is to initiate change in the world of digital media, small business brand promotion, and consumer engagement. We want the community to be elevated by improved education and financial security.” She is meticulous and dedicated, promoting people, new brands, and landmark venues that support and spotlight well-curated and creative lifestyle experiences.

The luxury pop-up shop event included a salute to Collette V. Smith, the NFL’s first female African American coach, and was attended by a plethora of sports athletes and television stars, including Mayor James Thurman Butts Jr. of the city of Inglewood and Jordyn Curet, the child star who plays Shamiah on the ABC series Home Economics. Both stars graciously supported local artisan brand creators by buying products from each vendor. A full list of participating partners can be found at

Collette V. Smith, the NFL’s first female African American coach


Jordyn Curet,

LEMF is dedicated to providing programs and events utilizing four major education program initiatives within the technology, health and wellness, fashion, art, and entertainment business sectors. LEMF is among those independent digital influencing networks that provide high-quality, culturally diverse features and engaging branded content designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining, and transformative ways.

Support LEMF’s initiatives to help people and donate to our cause by visiting:

Media Contact:
Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc.

The Fashion Institute of Design (FIDM) Alums Salute Collette V. Smith the NFL’s 1st African American female coach Feb 11th

Businesswomen Tashiba Jones-Wilson and Lela Christine are set to host the signature BEST LUXURY LIFESTYLE POP-UP SHOP on Friday, February 11, 2022. The two-day weekend store event kicks off at Runway Playa Vista in celebration of the festivities leading up to the NFL Super Bowl LVI 2022 game on Sunday, February 13, 2022.

The pop-up store pays tribute to of Collette V. Smith, the NFL’s 1st African American female coach.  As the Founder and President of Believe N You, Inc., Collette has become a true change agent and dedicated her life to empowering youth. The vegan brand Naturade will feature as the event’s health and wellness partner, providing a nutritious smoothie bar inside the pop-up store.


Collette V.Smith

The BEST LUXURY LIFESTYLE POP-UP SHOP will be held at fashion boutique MaTtE ArGyLe, located at Runway Playa Vista. Its founder and CEO, Jones-Wilson, has made her mark in the industry as a celebrity fashion stylist, and has worked in television and film for more than 25 years, styling the “who’s who of Hollywood.” As a costume designer and stylist, Jones-Wilson has worked on such shows as ABC’s” Black-ish,” HBO’s “Insecure” and Netflix’s “Family Reunion.” Learn about MaTtE ArGyLe and the other Runway Play Vista shops at

Matte Argyle

Lela Christine is a brand curator, influencer and Executive Director at Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc, a non-profit facilitating education and work program initiatives in technological tools and platforms within health and wellness, art and in the entertainment business sector.  Both are excited to intertwine fashion retail and technology under one roof for this year’s popular weekend of pre super bowl festivities. Learn more about her work at

As graduates of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), both women have worked to provide a platform for artists and entrepreneurs following in their footsteps. The event showcases the best work of Los Angeles brands that create in the world of fashion, beauty, grooming and home décor. Jones-Wilson shares, “We’re all about supporting amazing products created by local Angelenos. The pop-up store will place the spotlight on innovative brands such as Sweet Rock Rose, Blessed from the Roots, Knotwtr (Eyewear), XIVI created by Taylor Rose, People of Color, LA’ F.E.M. candles and a plethora of distinct Angeleno small businesses.”

MaTtE ArGyLe serves as a hot spot among other “cool-vibe” locations within an 11-mile radius of the SoFi stadium. The adjacent stores and activities are positioned to draw tourists and football fans while inspiring a strong sense of community engagement. MaTtE ArGyLe is among the best shopping specialty stores within the Runway Playa Vista Shopping Mall, less than 6.5 miles from Inglewood SoFi Stadium. Fashion brands featured in the store are: Positive Wear Clothing, Cult of Individuality, Lavie by CK, Madame Adassa, Chidi Brand, Sante, Grace (Plus Size), Izayla (FIDM Alumni), Kevan Hall (FIDM Alumni), LIVD (FIDM Plus size) and Vitality Furniture.

To attend the VIP Salute kick-off celebration on Friday, February 11, 2022, RSVP to To attend the pre-weekend store event festivities, RSVP to the official EVENTBRITE page at

Do you have a fashion apparel, shoe, accessories, jewelry and or wellness brand, be among our BEST POP-UP SHOP weekend vendor email us at



LEMF Media Team


Beauty, Fashion, Innovative L.A. Brand Creators At Santa Monica Place This Holiday

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. LEMF hosted an exclusive LUXURY LIFESTYLE HOLIDAY POP-UP store event at the Santa Monica Place shopping center on Saturday, December 11th, 2021. BASIC Magazine, HINT Water, SWEET ROCK ROSE and NATURADE creators of VeganSmart Plant-Based Protein Drink were among the featured lifestyle partners sharing in the spirit of giving.As we know, the last two years have been most difficult for our retailers and the small businesses are a vital part of the fabric of the community. Businesses around the world are grappling with these challenging times and as retail businesses happily reopen in Los Angeles County. This why Lela Christine, founder of Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. made it their mission to start the holiday season right by bring the small business community together and created a opportunity, in which small businesses honored their customers in one central location and welcome them back to shopping.

Luxury Lifestyle Holiday Pop-Up event goal was supporting small businesses in Los Angeles County. Santa Monica Place was the picture-perfect place to host. By supporting Local Los Angeles Small Businesses everyone succeeds. Customers should know their power and how valuable they are to the community.

The chic shopping event was housed at a dedicated swanky store space across from the prominent Nordstrom. The pop-up event featured artisan-centric brands offered a wide array of extraordinary fashion, beauty and crystal gemstone jewelry, and home décor products. An array of local Los Angeles brand small business owners were excited to showcase their unique, innovative brands made in the USA perfect for this year’s holiday gift-giving season.

Along with the event’s core sponsors the Pop-Up included a couture streamed fashion show featuring 2022 haute couture collections from sought-after fashion designers from across the globe. The vibrant fashion showcase added a WOW factor saluting the fashion industry. In addition to our LUX LIFE the Pop-Up featured Vince Pharoah, One Eco Store, PURE ENVY Candle Collection, Positive Wear, Wealth N’ Hellness, Pintas Jewelry, Blessed From The Roots, Honey Nail Glam Inc., and a plethora of amazing artisans business located in and around Los Angeles County.



After many hours put in, all the sacrifices and restless evening and early morning, Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc., happily produce a success event. Talent and hard work together resulted in triumph. This first Pop-Up Shop was the first of many scheduled for 2022 and beyond.

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. sends their thank you to its vendors, the city of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Place for providing such a great venue to host their first Luxury Lifestyle Holiday Pop-Up.

About Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc:

The Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. is an independent, digital influencing network that provides high-quality, culturally diverse features and engaging branded content designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining, and transformative ways. With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment and opportunities for engagement and social action, LEMF depicts people, places, and corporate brands in our online world through a positive lens, activating a response to what we share daily.


Link into the world of LEMF online:


Instagram:      lifestyleelevationmedia