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The Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation provides writers, journalist, influencers, copy editors and photographers resources and leads within our organization to obtain work in the media business.

We Believe In People, We Fundraise For All To Work

We provide a community where everyone can feel fulfilled by their involvement and be compensated for their news featured stories. Our core focus is supporting people who work as journalist in business of news via our media platforms. It’s all about sharing worthy news to help people learn, explore and be innovative. Our news teams cover a broad range of topics in the business news, education symposiums, new technology, film festivals, innovative entertainment platforms, science and an array of news topics that share positive news perspective to aid men, women and children who are captivated by the news we place in the spotlight.

How we help.

Giving People A Future To Work, Live & Be Powerful

LEMF is a global, independent, digital influencing network

We provide high-quality, culturally diverse features and engaging branded content designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining, and transformative ways. With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment and opportunities for engagement and social action

LEMF believes that people who read achieve better educational success

Journalists are our greatest media advocacy news source providers. Join us in supporting people and their gift of writing and expression that uplift the human experience.

We aim to support journalist, editors and writers

Who have been misplaced and or loss their staff positions due to the Covid-19 pandemic with editorial positions with our media organization to share the stories that matter within the business sectors of technology, art and culture, health/wellness living, home décor DIY and food preparation and a plethora of impactful content that elevate our human experiences positively.

Our digital lifestyle news outlets place the spotlight on global news

Our news industry topics centered around: Health & Wellness, Technology News, Food Education & Nutrition, Financial Literacy, Business Resources and Art & Culture special events.

Lifestyle Elevation Media Brands

We believe that people who read achieve better educational success, improve their earning
potential, and lead healthier, happier lives.

Fab Five Lifestyle

We spotlight the best brands offered at specialty & department stores and fashion.

The Power Player Lifestyle

Entertainment, Technology, Food and World News

Goddess Couture News

Our core focus is centered on health, style, art and beauty.

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    90% of our total operating expenses fund programs for journalists, photographer and editorial teams we hire and support. When you donate to our organization, the majority of your dollars go towards aiding people’s livelihoods – Together we make a difference in a person life.