Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. LEMF is slated to host an exclusive LUXURY LIFESTYLE POP-UP store event at the Santa Monica Place shopping center on Saturday, December 11th, 2021. HINT Water is among the featured lifestyle partners sharing in the spirit of giving.

Santa Monica Place

The chic shopping event will be housed at a dedicated swanky store space across from the prominent Nordstrom. The pop-up event will feature artisan-centric brands offering a wide array of extraordinary fashion, beauty and crystal gemstone jewelry and home décor products. An array of local Los Angeles brand small business owners are excited to showcase their unique, innovative brands made in USA perfect for this year’s holiday gift giving season. Read more about this year’s signature pop-up store event here at

Luxury Lifestyle Pop-Up Store Event

Not wanting to be outdone, the event will include a couture streamed fashion show featuring 2022 haute couture collections from sought-after fashion designers from across the globe. The vibrant fashion showcase can be viewed inside the luxury lifestyle store as and add plus factor saluting the fashion industry. Our LUX LIFE fashion, beauty and home décor partners are: Vince Pharoah, One Eco Store, PURE ENVY Candle Collection, Positive Wear, Wealth N’ Hellness, Pintas Jewelry, Black Lotus Farm, Blessed From The Roots, Honey Nail Glam Inc. and a plethora of amazing artisans business located in Los Angeles County.


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