Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing education program initiatives in digital technology, financial literacy, and the art community.

How it works

Digital technology is our key educational initiative, aimed at teaching and supporting both youth and seniors. As vital media advocates, journalists and photographers enrich our human experience with their writing and visual storytelling. We encourage you to join us in celebrating these talents that inform and uplift our understanding of the world through the power of written and visual narratives.

Our Call To Action

Our Call-To-Action digital lab program aids low-income youth ages 11-16 with mini tech sessions on how to write, edit and publish your own stories.

DigiLife Indie Youth Programs

Our DigiLife Indie Youth program includes sessions on how to write, edit and publish your own stories live from your mobile device and or laptop.

What We Advocate

Teaching our youth how to become a successful digital influencer in the world of the literary arts, technology and wellness communities.

What We Advocate:

People with Great Ideas
Amazing journalist who writes great thought-provoking feature stories
Digital Technology Awareness
We support youth education in new space technology
Readers and Book Authors globally
Health, wellness and the fitness industry

Organizations We Have Featured in Our Digital Media World Since 2010

90% of our total operating expenses fund programs for journalists, photographer and editorial teams we hire and support. When you donate to our organization, the majority of your dollars go towards aiding people’s livelihoods – Together we make a difference in a person life.