Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing education program initiatives in digital technology, social impact media, a.i., and in the creative video arts community.

How it works

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. champions the fusion of education and digital technology, focusing on enriching the lives of youth and seniors within our community. Our core mission revolves around imparting essential skills in digital technology, social impact media, tech journalism and creative video digital art. We believe in the transformative power of media and the arts as tools for education and empowerment.

Here is how we make an impact:

Digital Empowerment in News Journalism: Our programs are specifically designed to enhance digital literacy, ensuring participants are well-versed in the latest technological tools and platforms within the realm of news journalism. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide, making technology accessible and beneficial for individuals of all ages interested in media.

Literacy in Artificial Intelligence and New Media: We are committed to advancing understanding and proficiency in artificial intelligence as it applies to the new media landscape, equipping participants with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

Video Artistic Expression: Recognizing the profound influence of the arts, we support and promote the works of journalists, photographers, and artists. Their narratives and visual storytelling not only enrich our cultural tapestry but also foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around us.

Join us in our endeavor to elevate through education, as we harness the power of digital media to inform, inspire, and transform our community. Together, we can create a space where technology and art converge to uplift and empower every individual, regardless of age.

How it works

Digital media leaders, social impact curators, and creative video art influencers are our greatest news source providers. Join us in elevating great people.

Our Call To Action

Our Call-To-Action digital lab program aids low-income youth ages 11-16 with mini tech sessions on how to write, edit and publish your own stories.

DigiLife Indie Youth Programs

Our DigiLife Indie Youth program includes sessions on how to write, edit and publish your own stories live from your mobile device and or laptop.

What We Advocate

Teaching our youth how to become a successful digital influencer in the world of the literary arts, technology and wellness communities.

What We Advocate:

People with Great Ideas
Amazing journalist who writes great thought-provoking feature stories
Digital Technology Awareness
We support youth education in new space technology
Readers and Book Authors globally
Health, wellness and the fitness industry

Organizations We Have Featured in Our Digital Media World Since 2010

90% of our total operating expenses fund programs for journalists, photographer and editorial teams we hire and support. When you donate to our organization, the majority of your dollars go towards aiding people’s livelihoods – Together we make a difference in a person life.