About us

Who We Are | Our Mission

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc. (LEMF) is a local Los Angeles Social Enterprise dedicated to uplifting individuals and communities through digital media and communication services. With over a decade of experience, our mission is to support companies and individuals in enhancing their online presence and brand marketing.

Here’s how we help people and the services we provide:

Our Services:

Internet Advertising Agency Public Relations
Creative Writing Copy Editing
Digital Newsletter Distribution Videography
Photography Online Streaming
Database Management 
Media Production  |  Social Marketing 
Graphic Design

We believe that reading leads to better educational success, increased earning potential, and happier lives. 

We support journalists as valuable news sources, and we aim to uplift the human experience through writing and expression. 

We advocate for: 

Our Youth  & Seniors
People with Great Ideas 
Digital Technology Information Awareness
Journalists Writing Thought-Provoking Feature Stories
Readers and Book Authors Globally

About Lifestyle Elevation Digital Media Brands: Our digital lifestyle news outlets place the spotlight on global community industry topics centered around health and wellness, Technology News, Food Education & Nutrition, Financial Literacy, Business Resources and Art & Culture special events. Our publications embodied the essence of truth, substance, stability, and power. We support the great works of extraordinary men and women educating and positively influencing people across the globe.

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation, Inc is certified in the following:

We are a Small Business (SB)/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Certification ID: 2028889via CalE-Procure. Our Bidder/Supplier ID is BID0092743. Our CMAS is 4-22-08-1003. In addition, we are registered the County of Los Angeles as a Social Enterprise # 092827. We are a member of the BBA and (GLAAACC).


How We Work To Elevate People

We collaborate with digital publishers, writers, journalists, videographers, influencers, and photographers, recognizing them as key contributors to our media advocacy efforts. By joining us, you support the celebration and dissemination of diverse expressions and narratives that enhance the human experience. Together, we champion the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on communities worldwide.

Organizations We Have Featured in Our News Brands

90% of our total operating expenses fund programs for journalists, photographer and editorial teams we hire and support. When you donate to our organization, the majority of your dollars go towards aiding people’s livelihoods – Together we make a difference in a person life.