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LEMF Our Mission

Lifestyle Elevation Media Foundation Inc. is a organization dedicated to providing digital reading, video and audible materials to people across the globe utilizing four major education program initiatives: technological tools/planforms, health-wellness, financial literacy, art and entertainment resources within our lifestyle online publication portals. As well as our mobile app platforms. As a leader in the online digital influencing media community since 2009, we aim to support journalist, editors and writers who have been misplaced and or loss their staff positions due to the Covid-19 pandemic with editorial positions with our media organization to share the stories that matter within the business sectors of technology, art and culture, health/wellness living, home décor DIY and food preparation and a plethora of impactful content that elevate our human experiences positively.

Organizations We Have Featured in Our News Brands

90% of our total operating expenses fund programs for journalists, photographer and editorial teams we hire and support. When you donate to our organization, the majority of your dollars go towards aiding people’s livelihoods – Together we make a difference in a person life.